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Say “NO” To Chronic Diseases

There is no doubt that humans have become more susceptible to diseases and injuries in this world and age. It is ironic that even after achieving great successes in the fields of medicinal science, man hasn’t been able to control or cure fatal or dangerous chronic diseases. It is also an irony of fate that even after so much success in the field of medicine, the average age of people is gradually decreasing.

It is a testimony to the fact that humans haven’t really cared about their environment and their lifestyles that they have seen more dangerous and chronic diseases affect their health time and again. Chronic diseases have basically questioned man’s wisdom time and again and man is running out of ideas to provide a cure for these chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc.

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Do You Have GERD ? Find Out More

GERD is the acronym for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. This condition is prevalent in adults and is also found very commonly in pediatric children also. This is not a serious problem if treated early.


However, if it is ignored and neglected it could become a serious problem especially with children. Though it is not very common it is estimated that five to eight percent of the children suffer from this problem.


The problem occurs when food which is supposed to go to the stomach doesn’t go into it properly because of a defect in the esophageal valve which does not close properly as a result of which semi-digested food having acidic content comes back to the Gastroesophageal tube.

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Importancy Of High Nutrition Food For Chronic Diseases Treatment

There is no denying the fact that chronic diseases have become one of the biggest reasons for so many fatalities in a single year. It is a rough estimation that around 60% of the human deaths are caused by chronic diseases every year with the number of patients getting diagnosed with chronic diseases increasing every day. Continue reading

Human Basic Mechanism – Kidney

The kidneys are vital organs in our body that help to keep our body chemically balanced and clean. In order to maintain a healthy body it is essential to know the working of our kidney.


Kidney And Its Fundamental Responsibilities

The bean-shaped pair of kidney in our body is just the size of a fist but their function is very crucial for a normal healthy body. Located just below the rib cage and near the middle of our back, they are each located on one side. The main function of the kidney is to eliminate the waste produced in our body. This is done by converting the wastes produced into urine and then this flows to the bladder through tubes called urethras. The urine gets stored in the bladder until it is released through urination. Continue reading