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Medical Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is actually the most complicated stage that women undergo. It is complicated in such a way that it needs special attention and failure to take precautions; this can affect the baby and extend to the mother of the baby.


This is why it is always advisable to have a prenatal care which will take care of any future complications especially during the nine months of pregnancy. Research shows that about 40% of women across the globe bear children which have complications which is actually sad news.

We do not know who to blame simply because you find that it is not fault of many mothers since some of them cannot get access to medical services due to marginalization. Some places are too remote in such a way that they are not even put into consideration when distributing health care facilities and thus pregnant mothers find it difficult in getting better places to deliver. Some deliver in very unhealthy conditions and thus transmission of diseases becomes possible which will lead to bad health in the new born.
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Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation ?

When you start your period each month, there is no ovulated egg in your fallopian tubes. The reason you begin bleeding is because ovulation occurred but a sperm did not fertilize your egg, so no pregnancy was implanted in the uterus. The thickened endometrial lining of the uterus is now in the process of sloughing. Theoretically, you can’t get pregnant during this sloughing (bleeding), again because there is no egg hanging around waiting to meet a sperm.


But never say never, because in rare instances, having sex during your period might result in a pregnancy. FurĀ­thermore, there are other reasons to be bleeding, besides a period. Some women have bleeding during ovulation. Granted, it is usually not as sigĀ­nificant a bleed as a menstrual period, but it certainly is not a sure thing.
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