Guides On Control Your Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease is not generally curable but you can help yourself in slowing down the disease that might help you feel better in many ways.

By taking proper medications and following the doctor’s advice, Chronic Kidney Disease can be controlled. This article provides you a list of things that you can do so as to keep your Kidney disorder under control.


It is good if you are aware of the lab tests that your doctor suggests. Get the list of lab tests that you are required to take. In order to monitor a chronic Kidney Disease it is essential to initially examine the levels of substances contained in your blood or urine. Therefore, lab tests are recommended. Once you receive the reports of your tests, try to gain knowledge on the normal range of substances. This would help you maintain a level and keep you under control.



It is recommended to maintain a blood pressure of 130/85 with regular exercise routines, a healthy diet with low sodium and fat and taking proper medication for blood pressure. By keeping a control over your blood pressure, the chances of slowing down your Chronic Kidney Disease are higher.



You can always consult with your doctor about various medications. Your doctor would help you gain more knowledge about anemia, die control mechanisms and more. It is essential for you to be aware of all these since this would help you a lot in controlling your body which in turn would help in the control of your disease.


Anemia is the shortage of Red Blood Cells that carry oxygen. A shortage of RBC’s would lead to the shortness of breath. Ask your doctor about various medications that can keep you under control. Also ask your doctor about the methods by which you can treat your kidney disease. You may also ask your doctor about a low-protein diet to maintain.


Certain pain medications should also be avoided as these may affect the kidney functions. A Combination of caffeine and certain pain medication must certainly be avoided as these can further damage your kidney.


Start up with a regular exercise program in order to keep your weight under control. Exercising would also help maintain a healthy heart. It is very important to maintain healthy working muscles for your body.

Smoking is a major cause of major diseases. Smoking for patients of Kidney disease is totally prohibited. It is suggested that they quit smoking immediately. Smokers with diabetes are at high risks of a kidney failure.

These are just a few methods that can help slow down and control your Chronic Kidney Disease. The more informed you are the more chances of living you provide yourself. You can be under control and this would make you feel better. Your doctor is your best guide to keep you informed on your health and Chronic Kidney Disease.




Guides On Control Your Chronic Kidney Disease
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