Health Concern For Renal Disease Patient

Medical Concern

A person suffering from any health problems are often faced with many issues. The physical aspect of most individuals are affected that they tend to inhibit themselves from participating any tedious activity. They shy away from what they usually love to do.


These are due to the mental and emotional anguish that made them react negatively. As an individual with chronic renal disease, he needs to constantly visit his doctor since such illness cannot be reverse. Patient needs to follow the doctor’s advice to prolong their life.


They can monitor blood pressure, monitor blood glucose for diabetic patient and recommend non pain pills. Regular check up for patient with renal disease can lessen heart attack problem and stroke.

Severity of Renal Disease

Kidney sizes differ according to the stage level of renal disease. They are smaller compared to normal kidney size. The higher the stage level, the smaller is the kidney size. This can be check by undergoing ultrasound test on the abdomen. Test for blood flows and analyzing how both kidneys differ in their capacity to filter the blood can check the extent of renal problem.


The stages of renal diseases are from stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and the severe illness which is stage 5. The stages differ from slight, mild, moderate and severe to end stage renal disease. It is at this stage that the patient is advice to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant.


These are the only option for a person with stage 5 renal illness in order for him to live longer. At this point, the body is already filled with waste products and extra water. The kidney would no longer function that causes swelling of the hands and feet.


Need To Be Aware

A person suffering from renal disease would get worse if such illness is not immediately attended to. As an individual you need to be sensitive and be aware of your body condition. Others may not be able to notice it.


You need to be conscious if you feel sudden changes in your body. The way you do things, the way you feel and react to any activity can enable you to determine if you are in good health or not.


Body Changes

If a renal disease is getting worse you can observe that you feel sleepy and can’t properly focus in doing things. The inability to concentrate, feeling tired and the urge to urinate often or not as often as you usually do are some of the things you will experience.

As the kidney function deteriorates you will have difficulty breathing which is due to the existence of more fluid particularly on the lungs. Loss of appetite, nausea and the feel to vomit often is experience.


More body changes will happen including darkening of the skin and muscle cramps because of the diminishing calcium level on a person’s body. The ability of the body to produce clean blood is vital for a body to function well.


With this, patient with renal disease can’t produce clean blood because the person’s kidney is no longer functioning.

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