Health Issues Associated With The Thyroid Gland

Any organ located in any part of the body, and any organ that is active in the body will develop some health issues once in a while, and we have not found an exception in the thyroid gland. Now, let us go on a discovery of the problems that can be associated with the thyroid gland.

There are several kinds of problems that the thyroid gland is prone to showing. Some of the problems are very common problems that we see in people in our everyday life. The problems that show the presence of health issues in the thyroid gland can be broken down into the following categories, namely:

Categories Of Thyroid Problems

  • Problems that relates to the production of hormones, whether underproduction or overproduction;


  • Problems that arise as a result of an increase in the growth of the thyroid, which causes the compression of vital structures of the neck or makes a lump or mass to be visible in the neck;


  • Problems associated with the formation of lumps in the thyroid gland, thereby creating worries about the presence of thyroid cancer and;


  • Problems that are purely cancerous.


Common Thyroid Problems And Brief Description

  • Hyperthyrodism- This simply means the secretion of too much thyroid hormones by the thyroid glands.


  • Hypothyrodism- This is a condition that is the opposite of the hyperthyrodism. It is a condition in which the thyroid glands produce too little thyroid hormones.


  • Goiter- This condition describes a situation where an enlargement occurs in the thyroid gland. The enlargement is one that is not in any way related to the overproduction of thyroid hormones. Goiters compress other important structures which are situated in the neck, structures like the trachea and the oesophagus. The presence of goiters make breathing and swallowing difficult for the sufferer and they eventually grow into the chest and cause more trouble. The growth of goiter in the thyroid can become so large that a visible mass is noticed in the neck.

  • Thyroid Cancer- This type of thyroid condition presents itself as a fairly common tumor that has an excellent long term survival chance. The female gender is known to be more at risk of this thyroid condition by the ratio of three to one (3:1) in male. Although thyroid cancer is a condition that anyone can have, no matter the age, people that are over the age of thirty (30) are the group that have it mostly.


  • Solitary Thyroid Nodules- Solitary nodules are growths that arise commonly inside a thyroid gland that had been quite normal. They are abnormal growths found in thyroid tissues and the growth is found at the edge of thyroid gland. This condition has various characteristics and this makes them to be suspected for cancerous growth.


  • Thyroditis- Thyroditis is a process that is inflammatory in nature and it is ongoing within the thyroid gland. Thyroditis is not an infection.  It is a condition that can be confirmed with different symptoms that include fever and pain, but it can also be presented as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
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