Pediatric Sleep Disorders In Kids And Children

Children and especially pediatrics can be a victim of several types of sleep disorders, which if left untreated over a period of time could lead to sleep deprivation in children. Though there are many sleep disorders associated with young children on the most common ones is without doubt is night terrors.


Though even prevalent in older children, it is very commonly found in pediatric between the ages of two and six. The problem with such a condition is that the child is not in a full state of consciousness when he or she experiences it and usually the child wakes up with a big moan and sometimes a huge scream.

This is indeed a big problem with the child and if it is not treated with a sense of urgency over a period of time it could lead the child to suffer from psychological and emotional problems. It may damage the pediatric brain and therefore should be remedied immediately.


Sleep Apnea And Kids


Another very common pediatric sleep disorder is the sleep apnea. The disorder involves short pauses in breathing during sleep. One of the main causes for this disorder is obesity. The symptoms of this pediatric sleep disorder include enlarged tonsils, constant sleeping throughout the whole day, behavioral changes and also difficulty in sleeping.


This disorder is difficult to diagnose but there are a lot of ways that they can be done. The first thing that a person must remember is to make sure that they constantly keep an eye on the child’s sleeping habits any changes in these can help them understand the disorder better.


Once the pediatric sleep disorder is identified to be sleep apnea then the person can be taken to a good pediatrician and treated. The basic treatment is removal of tonsils and also there are steroids which can be used to reduce this disorder.


Pediatric Insomnia


Other than this there are a lot of pediatric sleep disorders that are prevalent. Similar to adults, insomnia is something that can affect even children and this is something that parents have to careful about. Generally it is recommended that children other than teens need a reasonable sleep lasting up to 11 hours every night and about 9 hours for the teenagers.

Kids who deprive themselves of sleep by staying up late in the night playing games and watching television are the ones who encounter such pediatric sleep disorder. Normally insomnia is the inability to fall asleep quickly and at times people are unable to fall asleep even after a long time.


The main reasons why kids experience this pediatric disorder are stress, anxiety and inadequate sleep. All these can lead to a lot of complications such as hyperactivity, restlessness and at extreme cases depression and aggression.


The best way to avoid the chances of developing this disorder is to make sure that the person kid gets adequate sleep and reduce the time spent on all the above mentioned activities.


Thus parents must be careful and make sure that their child gets the right amount of sleep that is required to avoid the various pediatric disorders. Also parents must be cautious about the various changes that they can see in their kids and the common ones include excessive sleeping, snoring at sleep and learning difficulties. All these can help their child from developing the various pediatric sleep disorders.


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