Relationship Between Anxiety And Medical Aspects

Want to know about anxiety? If you are interested to know about anxiety then there are many methods and sources that can help you to get every inch of information that is related to anxiety. Deep and thorough search is now possible and easy because of advancement in publishing and medical technologies. Now you can get the answers of your questions because medical technology is able to conduct researches and experiments on the issues of anxiety.

Exploring the definition of anxiety

Anxiety is a physical or psychological disorder that is caused by different events happening in our surrounding. All the events and difficulties have significant role in the development of anxiety and stress. Actually, human brain and nervous system both are equally responsible for the development of anxiety.


How these two main organs are involved? Don’t consider the participation of brain and nervous system the actual cause of anxiety because these are not directly involved but are influenced by the different factors happening in the body of humans. Remember the actual reason of anxiety is still unknown. The reasons and theories are based on the observation and experience of psychologists and doctors.


Anxiety is caused by the abnormal production of hormones. When the nervous system is affected by some abnormal stimulus then it starts to wait for the signals and response of main control system that is brain. Definitely if the brain is restricted and can’t perform its full function then no signal will passed by brain and the result will be continuous irritation that is called anxiety.

Measuring the intensity of anxiety

However, a lot of progresses have been made by the scientists especially by the psychologists in the field of anxiety and its cure yet there is a huge gap that is still need to be filled. Psychologists have presented different theories that reveal the signs and symptoms of anxiety but these are not enough to judge the intensity of anxiety.


So you can’t measure the level and intensity of anxiety in units. Measurement is only possible if the target has some physical appearance because there are many units that help us to measure the level of intensity.


Why medical machinery is unable to diagnose anxiety?

As we mentioned above that anxiety has no physical appearance so we can’t measure the volume or intensity of anxiety. All the medical machinery is helpful to diagnose those disorders and disease that have some appearance.


For example you can measure the stages and damage level of any disease by these machines like cancer. Unlike these diseases, anxiety is imaginary and supernatural because it doesn’t show visible symptoms.


How to judge the signs of anxiety?

You can use the behavior and activities to judge the presence of anxiety in the patient. If the patient is sensible and can tell the situation happening with him then it will be easy to diagnose the anxiety.


If you know the basic conditions and feelings of the patient then you can move forward otherwise it is difficult and sometime impossible for the experts to declare any statement about the condition of the patient who is actually suffering with anxiety.

Relationship Between Anxiety And Medical Aspects
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