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Problems with Child Obesity
Weight problems and obesity are common issues which usually effect adult nowadays. However, recent studies have shown that there is an increasing trend of overweight problems and obesity amongst children also and this is particularly affecting the children of age group of 7 to 15.

The reasons for pediatric child obesity should be assessed and studied very carefully and should be eliminated so that these weight problems and obesity do not contribute other major diseases as the child grows up.

The main reasons for obesity could be many but it has been found out that the major causes for this is our eating habits and the wrong choice of foods which usually children are fond of.

What Child Obesity Can Do
While it is too difficult to expect the child to become responsible and disciplined in their eating habits and exercise habits, the parents should try and learn to accept responsibility on this very critical issue and should take the role of getting in first in helping the children to fight off obesity.

Let it be remembered that childhood obesity is a very unhealthy condition and many pediatric health problems are related to such overweight problems. It will not only put the child to a lot of health risks and will also have a lot of emotional impact on the child.

Being fat in a group of thin children can create lot of problems for the child, more so with regard to its emotions and could lead to a lot of other correlated issues such as poor level of confidence and lack of performance in studies and sporting activities.

Psychological and Emotional Effects of Obesity
Remember childhood and pediatric life is to be enjoyed and this enjoyment is impaired whenever a child becomes overweight or obese. The best days of the child are lost due to this problem and hence it is very important that in a state of pediatric situation the child should be active and mentally alert.

Being so willed make their foundation very strong and make their transition from childhood to adulthood very pleasing and rewarding.

Remedial Actions
The first thing as parents we can do is to introduce related to food which are healthy and at the same time nutritious. As parents we should try and avoid giving the pediatric child junk food which is full of carbohydrates and unnecessary fat. Apart from not giving the right kind of nutrition these foods play a big role in making the child fat and unhealthy.

Pediatric Obesity

Lot of pediatric studies have shown that not only these junk foods contribute to obesity but also cause other health challenges and there have been a lot of instances where even children suffer from hypertension and blood sugar and the main contributing factor is such junk food.

The need to educate your child on healthy food habits is very important and once the child gets educated on his or her own, he or she will stay away from such unwanted and unhealthy foods.

Obesity & Food Habits
Coming to foods, junk foods can be classified as foods which are rich in fat and cholesterol and could include fries and pizza and also too much of aerated soft drinks. Pediatric children should be asked to stay away from such food and the importance of exercise should also be made very lucidly clear to the child.

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