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Bronchial Asthma – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

There are many types of asthma and one such type which is extremely painful and troubling for the patient is bronchial asthma where the lungs are affected and the passageway gets blocked by formation of phlegm and also due to narrowing down of the tubes carrying air to the lungs. Once this happens automatically there will be a feeling of shortness of breath and congestion in the chest which are classic symptoms of the existence of this disease.

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Pediatric Sleep Disorders In Kids And Children

Children and especially pediatrics can be a victim of several types of sleep disorders, which if left untreated over a period of time could lead to sleep deprivation in children. Though there are many sleep disorders associated with young children on the most common ones is without doubt is night terrors.


Though even prevalent in older children, it is very commonly found in pediatric between the ages of two and six. The problem with such a condition is that the child is not in a full state of consciousness when he or she experiences it and usually the child wakes up with a big moan and sometimes a huge scream.

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