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Do You Have GERD ? Find Out More

GERD is the acronym for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. This condition is prevalent in adults and is also found very commonly in pediatric children also. This is not a serious problem if treated early.


However, if it is ignored and neglected it could become a serious problem especially with children. Though it is not very common it is estimated that five to eight percent of the children suffer from this problem.


The problem occurs when food which is supposed to go to the stomach doesn’t go into it properly because of a defect in the esophageal valve which does not close properly as a result of which semi-digested food having acidic content comes back to the Gastroesophageal tube.

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Health Concern For Renal Disease Patient

Medical Concern

A person suffering from any health problems are often faced with many issues. The physical aspect of most individuals are affected that they tend to inhibit themselves from participating any tedious activity. They shy away from what they usually love to do.


These are due to the mental and emotional anguish that made them react negatively. As an individual with chronic renal disease, he needs to constantly visit his doctor since such illness cannot be reverse. Patient needs to follow the doctor’s advice to prolong their life.


They can monitor blood pressure, monitor blood glucose for diabetic patient and recommend non pain pills. Regular check up for patient with renal disease can lessen heart attack problem and stroke.

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Immediate Treatment Tips Of Vagina Yeast Infection

Vagina yeast infection is caused by the presence of Candida, a fungus. Infection results when there is an increase the quantity of yeast in a woman’s vagina than the quantity of the normal and healthy bacteria.


As we have discovered that vagina yeast infection is caused by fungi, it is very logical to carry out a course of treatment of the infection with antifungal drugs. The drugs being so used to treat vaginal yeast infection are applied topically to the areas in and around the vagina area. The alternative to this is when oral antifungal drugs are taken.


There may be cases, however where the two forms of treatment may be combined; this combination treatment is normally done when the presence of a mixed infection is established, a case where microbes causing the infection is more than one. Continue reading

Symptoms And Treatment For Yeast Infection

Yeast is a fungus named Candida, and Candida is the cause of vagina yeast infection, but it has been discovered by scientists that yeast is present in moist places in a normal human being; places like the mouth and the vagina.


Vagina yeast infection is an infection we can suspect to be suffering from when we notice certain symptoms like itching, burning, pain during sexual intercourse and/ or urination, soreness and vaginal discharge but the fact that all women have yeast in their vagina is an established fact. When then do we go for treatment of yeast infection? Continue reading