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Holistic Treatment For Asthma Patient

Respiratory disease

As many of us know asthma is a respiratory disease which usually affects the lungs and makes breathing very difficult. During an attack of this disease, what happens is that the lungs and airway through which air travels to the lungs get narrowed down and become constricted.


Hence, free movement of air is affected leading to breathlessness, wheezing and other severe problems. Furthermore, as a defensive mechanism during the attack of this disease, the body releases a lot of mucus in the lungs and airway passages in an effort to push out the invading allergens.


This results in phlegm getting accumulated in the passages and lungs leading to mild and severe bouts of cough which is a classic symptom of asthma. Continue reading

Prevention And Treatment Of Asthma

Asthma is a condition which affects almost 10% of the total child population of the United States of America and the worst part is that it can effect any child starting from a tender age and up to the age of 40. It is a chronic condition that affects the air passages in the lungs which carry oxygen and carbon-di-oxide in and out of the lungs.


Hence apart from depriving the patient of quality oxygen which is so badly needed for the blood cells, the patients also suffer from a condition where the impure carbon-di-oxide is not pushed out in the right quantities leading to impure air remaining and circulating inside the body. This is a double-headed whammy which affects the patient both ways.


The classic symptoms associated with this disease are breathlessness, wheezing and coughing accompanied by tightness in the chest. Breathlessness occurs because the patient’s air and wind passages get shrunk and constricted during an attack of this disease.


When this happens normal air flow is hampered leading to breathlessness. The presence of mucus in the air passages and the restricted flow of air inside it cause the wheezing sound which is so often associated with asthma.

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