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Freelance Massage

It used to be that you had to go to a specialized clinic or a spa to get a massage. However, as the job market becomes more and more competitive many individuals are choosing to work for themselves. Some massage therapists are providing massages either from their own home or by arranging appointments to perform massages in the client’s home. Of course, this does not mean a freelance massage therapist is any less professional than one working from a massage parlor. They also require a variety of massage products in order to make the experience pleasurable for the client.  Freelance massage therapists need top quality products just as any spa does.

When Carly Smith was having a difficult time finding a massage parlor or clinic to work for she decided to head out on her own and get her own clients. Of course, before she could advertise her skills Carly needed to purchase the proper supplies. Since money was tight she needed to find a massage and spa supplies company that not only provided the best quality products but also prices that were within her budget. That’s when she discovered NewLifeSystems.com. Perusing the supply company’s website, Carly was able to find all of the products she needed as a beginning freelance massage therapist and to her surprise everything was within her budget. Continue reading