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Child Bed Wetting – A Common Pediatric Problem

Understanding Bed Wetting In Kids


Before we try and understand the treatment for pediatric bed wetting, we should realize the fact that it is a very common phenomenon. Usually in a normal child by the age of three they reach what is called an adult pattern.


In this situation, the child is in a position to identify the need to urinate outside the bed and usually wakes up. But very commonly, the child is not able to exercise this control and this is what is called bed wetting. It has been found out that 1 out of 5 children suffer from problems associated with pediatric bed wetting.

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Symptoms And Treatment For Yeast Infection

Yeast is a fungus named Candida, and Candida is the cause of vagina yeast infection, but it has been discovered by scientists that yeast is present in moist places in a normal human being; places like the mouth and the vagina.


Vagina yeast infection is an infection we can suspect to be suffering from when we notice certain symptoms like itching, burning, pain during sexual intercourse and/ or urination, soreness and vaginal discharge but the fact that all women have yeast in their vagina is an established fact. When then do we go for treatment of yeast infection? Continue reading

Find Out More About Special Treatment Of Chronic Diseases

Facts about chronic diseases

It is important to understand that cardiovascular diseases along- a chronic disease- caused 30% of 58 million deaths in 2005. It is an astonishing amount of people who died due to a chronic disease while it is more alarming to see that 61% of the total deaths in 2005 were due to chronic diseases. The more dangerous aspect of this analysis is the total death count as well.



Chronic diseases reoccur and are never completely cured

It is important, therefore, that treatment methods of chronic diseases should be looked at so as to prevent so much loss of human life. It is ironic to say that man has achieved great success into medicinal science but hasn’t yet been able to determine any permanent cure for these chronic diseases.

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