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Immediate Treatment Tips Of Vagina Yeast Infection

Vagina yeast infection is caused by the presence of Candida, a fungus. Infection results when there is an increase the quantity of yeast in a woman’s vagina than the quantity of the normal and healthy bacteria.


As we have discovered that vagina yeast infection is caused by fungi, it is very logical to carry out a course of treatment of the infection with antifungal drugs. The drugs being so used to treat vaginal yeast infection are applied topically to the areas in and around the vagina area. The alternative to this is when oral antifungal drugs are taken.


There may be cases, however where the two forms of treatment may be combined; this combination treatment is normally done when the presence of a mixed infection is established, a case where microbes causing the infection is more than one. Continue reading

Prevention And Treatment Of Asthma

Asthma is a condition which affects almost 10% of the total child population of the United States of America and the worst part is that it can effect any child starting from a tender age and up to the age of 40. It is a chronic condition that affects the air passages in the lungs which carry oxygen and carbon-di-oxide in and out of the lungs.


Hence apart from depriving the patient of quality oxygen which is so badly needed for the blood cells, the patients also suffer from a condition where the impure carbon-di-oxide is not pushed out in the right quantities leading to impure air remaining and circulating inside the body. This is a double-headed whammy which affects the patient both ways.


The classic symptoms associated with this disease are breathlessness, wheezing and coughing accompanied by tightness in the chest. Breathlessness occurs because the patient’s air and wind passages get shrunk and constricted during an attack of this disease.


When this happens normal air flow is hampered leading to breathlessness. The presence of mucus in the air passages and the restricted flow of air inside it cause the wheezing sound which is so often associated with asthma.

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Facilitating Medical Research With Health Care Industry

Medical research is done to enable the health care industry to come up with the most effective type of drugs that can be in a position to deal with the ever multiplying viruses and bacteria discovered in various health institutions. The latest medical research that has given medical researchers hard time is the research for the cure of the HIV which has triggered the whole of the health care industry. It is a kind of virus that does not take the same form.


It can be able to change its form within a very short time and if a cure for the same if found say, today, tomorrow is likely to be in effective simply because the virus may have taken another form. This is actually the most challenging issue in the health care industry and the medical researchers are facing hard time in coming up with the most effective cure of some kinds of complications.
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