Turn a Normal Recipe into One Suitable for a Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects a patient because they have high blood pressure caused by an insufficient amount of insulin created by the pancreas or due to their cells responding incorrectly to the insulin that has been produced.

Diabetes comes in three main types, including Type 1DM, Type 2DM and the main form called gestational diabetes, which can occur in pregnant women who have not had a previous diagnosis of the disease.

People who have diabetes should eat recipes that have low or no refined sugars, and also very low levels of saturated fat. If you wish to convert one of your loved one’s favorite recipes into something that is suitable for a diabetic patient to eat, you will leave out sugars and add unsaturated fats and other types of less refined ingredients. It is quite a simple task to accomplish if you do the proper amount of research.

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The first thing that you will need to do is to sit down with your loved one and find out exactly what foods they love to eat. Look up the recipes online or in a cookbook you already own to find out everything that the dish contains. Once you know all of the ingredients, you can then begin to start replacing the highly refined items with healthier choices. Highly refined ingredients are ones that have to go through an additional processing treatment, thus making them lose a lot of their nutritional worth and also increasing their carbohydrate levels. One example of this is bleached white flower or white sugars. Instead of using white sugar, you can try natural sweet onions in its place.

Another thing that you need to do is to remove all of the hydrogenated oils and replace them with natural ones. A couple types of natural oils that you can use include coin oils and also canola. Be sure to use olive oil instead of butter or margarine if you are browning veggies.

Foods with very low glycemic indexes are critical to serve to a diabetic. If you are making grain pilafs, use pearl barley in lieu of millet. Also, for sandwiches, use whole wheat bread instead of white bread as processed products can be bad for diabetics to ingest.

Avoid using any salts or sugars and replace these ingredients with fresh or dried herbs. Some herbs, such as parsley, are high in vitamins like C and A, and basil is a great source of Vitamin K.

Preparing recipes that accommodate a diabetic’s diet can be simple if you do the proper research. You will be helping them to eat all of their favorite foods while still sticking to a healthy meal plan so that they can better control their diabetic symptoms. Just be certain to use fresh and nutritious ingredients.

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